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The readers of the Hosannah will re- gret to learn that the hadndsome and popular Sir Charolais of Gaul, who dur- ing his four weeks’ stay at the Bull and Halibut, this city, has won every heart by his polished manners and elegant conversation, will pull out to-day for home.
Appleton, who with ex-wife Gret has two grown-up children Ffion, 38, and Gari, 42, says he later got to know John as the rugby star became a frequent visitor to his squash courts.
The Council, however, is opting for private law: the GRET would itself define this structure and, by definition, its financing.
“I’ve hd gret seson to finish second in the World Superbike Chmpionship.
Rowan glee: Gretna boss Rowan Alexander celebrates with Chris Innes at the final whistle’ Alexander the Gret: Boss Alexander and his backroom staff roar with delight at the victory’ Jack: Dundee keeper hit out at “over-rated” Gretna’ Gret expectations: James Grady leads the Gretna celebrations – now they aim to cause another upset in the final
“Onnyrooad, Ah’m a gret believer in ivverybody gettin’ as mich as they can aat o’ lahfe”.
Recently sold at auction by Gret Martin Auctions, bidding was furious, with the gun eventually selling for a heart-stopping $120,000!
AEGI gaie (7) AEGN gane AEGR rage AEGS sage AEGT gate AEIN aine (6) AEIR aire AEIS saie (6) AEIT itea EENR near AENS sane AENT neat AERS eras AERT rate AEST seat AGIN agin AGIR gair AGIS gais (7) AGIT gait AGNR gran AGNS snag AGNT gnat AGRS rags AGRT grat AGST stag AINR rain AINS sain AINT anti AIRS airs AIRT airt AIST airs ANRS arns ARNT rant ANST tans ARST star EGIN glen EGIR geir (7) EGIS egis EGIT tige EGNR gren (7) EGNS gens EGNT gent ERGS ergs ERGT gret (6) EGST gest EINR rein EINS sine EINT tine EIRS rise EIRT tire EIST site ENRS eros ERNT rent ENST nest ERST rest GINR grin GINS gins GINT ting GIRS rigs GIRT girt GIST gist GNRS GNRT GNST GRST INRS fins INRT trin INST tins IRST stir NRST
Koningsveld names the three new concepts “bied” (I=figures with both straight and curved line segments), “mork” (II=only curved line segments), and “gret” (III=only straight line segments).
The other four–militarist Bren Jason Cadieux), communicator Gret (Kelli Taylor), computer whiz Zak (Craig Kirkwood) and medical doctor Lise (Sara Sahr)–stepping out of their comas, begin ironing themselves out.
Eventually, the percentage becomes so gret that the cell canno function properly.
Does neb yn cymryd y peth o ddifri, ac os ydyn nhw efo pot bach o arian yn eu pocedi, gret os nad y’n nhw, maen nhw wedi joio.”

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