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, the public should believe Dela Rosa to “getto the bottom of extrajudicial killings (EJKs).” “Believe him.
Mr Lame, who owns Getto Security Services explained that challenges facing the private security industry in Botswana were many and needed to be handled with dedication, integrity and commitment through an association.
The word “ghetto” initially referred to the copper foundry of the Venetian government, il ghetto (sometimes spelled gheto, getto, or geto) where cannon balls were cast, from the root gettare, to cast or to throw, encountered in English words such as eject, jet, and trajectory.
Eventhough she was used to speakingon television and beinginvolved with media, thetransition to becoming a radiojockey was quite differentfrom anything she had doneWhen you work on a televisionprogramme, you don’t getto know the responses of theviewers immediately.
They alsothicken the mucus in thecervix so sperm cannot getto an egg.The Program Officerof Reproductive HealthProgram, under the health ministry, TashiTshomo,said possible side effects ofthe contraceptive implantmay be change in monthlybleeding pattern, lighterbleeding, fewer days ofbleeding or prolonged andirregular bleeding.
Others are 40 thieves, Yakuza, Ondafa Tuletule, Wayoo, Bidii Kweli, Baoboa, Nyuma cha Moto, Tupwa Tupwa, Gaza, Spanish Spatter, Vietnam, Temeke, Yaung Tags, Getto Youth, Watalia and Wajukuu wa Mbwa.
Carlo Ossola, nel centenario della nascita del maestro Giovanni Getto, ha ristampato il suo volume con la prefazione di Mario Pranz che, originariamente, apparve nel quotidiano II Tempo come recensione di esso.
Caption: Opposite page: Elzbieta Janicka and Wojciech Wilczyk, Male getto. Widok z Krolewskiej 45 w kierunku poludniowo-zachodnim–10 marca 2011 (Small Ghetto: View from 45 Krolewska Street Toward the Southwest–March 10, 2011), C-print, 43Ya x 52 Vs”.
Although the etymology of the word “ghetto” is still debated, a case can be made for the Venetian dialect’s word for foundry, geto, or for the Italian word getto, meaning “casting.” To mark the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Venice Ghetto, the city, along with a special commemorative committee and the Jewish community, has mounted an ambitious exhibition in the Doge’s Palace, the residence of Venice’s doges (elected chief magistrates) and the seat of power in the Venetian Republic that issued the 1516 decree.
Consider East Carolina University, where Assistant Professor Guiseppe Getto and his students used the TryMyUI platform to test and improve in-house applications like the North Carolina Coastal Atlas.
But when he failed to getTo grips with a tricky wind whipping across the course on day two, he slumped to a 76 and an early exit.

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