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A gerund is the “-ing” form of a verb when it functions grammatically as a noun in a sentence. Gerunds are identical in appearance to present participles, but they are not used to form tenses of the verb or provide adjectival information.

Gerunds can either stand alone, or they can take a noun (the object of the gerund) and/or modifier(s) to form a gerund phrase.

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1. In Latin, a noun derived from a verb and having all case forms except the nominative.

2. In other languages, a verbal noun analogous to the Latin gerund, such as the English form ending in -ing when used as a noun, as in singing in We admired the choir’s singing. See Usage Note at fused participle.

[Late Latin gerundium, from alteration (modeled on participium, participle) of Latin gerundum, variant of gerendum, neuter gerundive of gerere, to carry on.]

ge·run′di·al (jə-rŭn′dē-əl) adj.

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(Grammar) a noun formed from a verb, denoting an action or state. In English, the gerund, like the present participle, is formed in -ing: the living is easy.

[C16: from Late Latin gerundium, from Latin gerundum something to be carried on, from gerere to wage]

gerundial adj

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(ˈdʒɛr ənd)


1. a form in Latin regularly derived from a verb and functioning as a noun, used in all cases but the nominative, as dicendī gen., dicendō dat., abl., etc., “saying.”

2. a form similar to the Latin gerund in meaning or function, as in English the -ing form of a verb when functioning as a noun, as writing in Writing is easy.

[1505–15; « Latin gerundum that which is to be carried on, derivative of ger(ere) to bear, carry on + –undum, variant of –endum gerund suffix]

ge•run•di•al (dʒəˈrʌn di əl) adj.

ge•run′di•al•ly, adv.

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A verb form that ends in “-ing” and can be used as a noun, for example, “swimming.”

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