definition of genially by The Free Dictionary

His flight from the active world, so genially celebrated in this newly published poem of The Recluse; his flight to the Vale of Grasmere, like that of some pious youth to the Chartreuse, is the most marked event of his existence.
“I’m sure of it, my dear,” asserted the Scarecrow, still smiling genially.
“I suppose you know everybody, my dear?” Lady Anselman asked her genially.
“Oh, is that you, Telepasse?” the white man queried genially. “You tell ‘m boys clear out, and you stop and talk along me.”
“Hello, Hump,” he greeted me genially. “I’m just finishing the finishing touches.
“Oh, yes, he has,” Tom urged genially. “Blamed little he’d work in that shop, or any other shop in Oakland, if he didn’t keep in good standing with the Blacksmiths.
Introduced as Charles, he transferred his scowl and wrath to Tarwater, who, genially oblivious, devoted himself to the fire, took advantage of the chill morning breeze to create a draught which the other had left stupidly blocked by stones, and soon developed less smoke and more flame.
Rochester (so at least I thought) such a wealth of the power of communicating happiness, that to taste but of the crumbs he scattered to stray and stranger birds like me, was to feast genially. His last words were balm: they seemed to imply that it imported something to him whether I forgot him or not.
“I am sure you have your own branches of knowledge,” I took the liberty of saying, genially. There was something painful to me, somehow, in the turn the conversation had taken, in the discussion of the rent.
“Oh, yes you do, McMurdo,” cried Sherlock Holmes, genially. “I don’t think you can have forgotten me.
Some calf’s-foot jelly?” he asked genially. “That will be fine!
Stepan Arkadyevitch, without hearing him out, laid his hand genially on the secretary’s sleeve.

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