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مأخوذ مِنمِنمِنْمن ، بِسَبَب


fraafud af

-lta, -sta, -stä, -ltä-sta/-stä-sta, -stä


af, vegnafrá










[frɒm] PREP

4. (indicating sender etc) → de
a letter from my sisteruna carta de mi hermana
a telephone call from Mr Smithuna llamada de parte del Sr. Smith
a message from himun mensaje de parte de él
tell him from medile de mi parte
11. (with prep, adv) from abovedesde arriba
from afardesde lejos
from among the crowdde entre la multitud
from beneath or underneathdesde abajo
from inside/outside the housedesde dentro/fuera de la casa

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[ˈfrɒm](STRONG) [frəm] prep

Where are you from?; Where do you come from? → D’où venez-vous?
I come from Perth → Je viens de Perth.
from … to … → de … à
He flew from London to Paris → Il a pris l’avion de Londres à Paris.
to be one kilometre from … → être à un kilomètre de …
The hotel is one kilometre from the beach → L’hôtel est à un kilomètre de la plage.
a letter from my sister → une lettre de ma sœur
a telephone call from my sister → un appel de ma sœur
(price, number)de
The price was reduced from £10 to £5 → Ils ont réduit le prix de dix livres à cinq.
The interest rate was increased from 9% to 10% → Le taux d’intérêt est passé de 9% à 10%.
(= on the basis of) from what he says → d’après ce qu’il dit

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(indicating time, in past) → seit (+dat); (in future) → ab (+dat), → von (+dat)… an; from last week until or to yesterdayvon letzter Woche bis gestern; from … onab …; from now onvon jetzt an, ab jetzt; from then onvon da an; (in past also) → seither; from his childhoodvon Kindheit an, von klein auf; he comes from time to timeer kommt von Zeit zu Zeit; as from the 6th Mayvom 6. Mai an, ab (dem) 6. Mai; 5 years from nowin 5 Jahren
(indicating distance) → von (+dat)(… weg); (from town etc) → von (+dat)… (entfernt); the house is 10 km from the coastdas Haus ist 10 km von der Küste entfernt; to work away from homeaußer Haus arbeiten
(indicating sender, giver) → von (+dat); tell him from merichten Sie ihm von mir aus; an invitation from the Smithseine Einladung von den Smiths; “from …” (on envelope, parcel) → Absender …“, „Abs. …“
(indicating source) → von (+dat); (= out of)aus (+dat); where did you get that from?wo hast du das her?, woher hast du das?; I got it from the supermarket/the library/Kathyich habe es aus dem Supermarkt/aus der Bücherei/von Kathy; to drink from a stream/glassaus einem Bach/Glas trinken; quotation from “Hamlet”/the Bible/ShakespeareZitat ntaus „Hamlet“/aus der Bibel/nach Shakespeare; memories from his childhoodErinnerungen aus seiner Kindheit; translated from the Englishaus dem Englischen übersetzt; made fromaus … hergestellt
(= modelled on)nach (+dat); painted from lifenach dem Leben gemalt
(indicating lowest amount) → ab (+dat); from £2/the age of 16 (upwards)ab £ 2/16 Jahren (aufwärts); dresses (ranging) from £60 to £80Kleider plzwischen £ 60 und £ 80
(Math) 3 from 8 leaves 58 weniger 3 ist 5; take 12 from 18nimm 12 von 18 weg; £10 will be deducted from your account£ 10 werden von Ihrem Konto abgebucht
+advvon; from inside/underneathvon innen/unten
+prep from above or over/across somethingüber etw (acc)hinweg; from beneath or underneath somethingunter etw (dat)hervor; from out of somethingaus etw heraus; from before his mother’s deathaus der Zeit vor dem Tod seiner Mutter; from among the treeszwischen den Bäumen hervor; from inside/outside the housevon drinnen/draußen; from beyond the graveaus dem Jenseits

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(from) preposition

1. used before the place, thing, person, time etc that is the point at which an action, journey, period of time etc begins. from Europe to Asia; from Monday to Friday; a letter from her father.
2. used to indicate that from which something or someone comes. a quotation from Shakespeare.
3. used to indicate separation. Take it from him.
4. used to indicate a cause or reason. He is suffering from a cold.

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مِنْ od, z af, fra, ud af aus, von από a partir de, de -lta, -sta, -stä, -ltä, -sta/-stä, -sta, -stä de, en iz, od da, di ・・・から …로부터, ~으로, ~으로부터 uit, van av, fra od, z de, do из, от av, från จาก, ทำจาก, ออกจาก dan, den từ , 从…, 由…而成

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