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أساس، قاعِدَهإقامة، إنشاء، تأسيسمُؤَسَّسَه خَيْرِيَّه




grunnur, undirstaîasjóîur, stofnunstofnun





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(= establishment) [organization] → fondation f
(also foundation cream) → fond m de teint foundations

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(= institution)Stiftung f; research foundationForschungsstiftung f

(= make-up)Grundierungscreme f



foundation cream

nGrundierungscreme f

Foundation Day

n (Austral) gesetzlicher Feiertag in Australien zur Erinnerung an die Landung der Briten am 26. Januar 1788

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[faʊnˈdeɪʃn] n

d. (justification) the story is without foundationla storia è infondata

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(faund) verb

1. to start or establish. The school was founded by the king.
2. (with on/upon) to base on. The story was founded upon fact.

founˈdation noun

2. the base on which something is built. First they laid the foundations, then they built the walls.
3. an amount of money to be used for a special purpose or the organization that manages it. The British Foundation for Cancer Research.

ˈfounder noun

a person who founds a school, college, organization etc. We commemorate the founder of the school.

ˈfounding noun

The founding of the organization took place a long time ago.

ˈfounding ˈfather noun

1. the first or one of the first founders of an organization, a school of thought etc. the founding father of psychoanalysis.
2. The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were the people who drew up its constitution.

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