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In sections on assembling and materializing, occupying and colonizing, and reproducing and re-creating, they explore such aspects as protest spaces online and offline: the Indignant movement in Athen’s Syntagma Square, losing space in Occupy London: fetishizing the protest camp, democratic deficit in the Israel Tent Protests: chronicle of a failed intervention, security is no accident: considering safe(r) spaces in the transnational Migrant Solidarity camps of Calais, and political education in protest camps: spatializing dissensus and reconfiguring places of youth activist ritual in Mexico City.
White people with the best of intentions can still end up fetishizing, discriminating against, and harming people of color in those shared spaces, Patterson shows: “If you aren’t being inclusive, you are being passively exclusionary.” His book unpacks the idea that communities formed by common interests are still subject to the same problems as society as a whole.
I think there is more of politics than wisdom in this fetishizing of the old Latin Mass.
Whether it’s fetishizing the “exotic” or reassuring an Arab that you know they’re not all terrorists, these often well-meaning words usually miss cultural suave they’re after and soar straight into the downright obnoxious.
A quick browse through the major cinematic blockbusters of the last few years suggests that mankind is more obsessed than ever with fetishizing a dystopian future.
The editor, Christina Lee (Spanish and Portuguese, Princeton U.), argues in her introduction that these perspectives differed from the Orientalism of later English and French writers during the Enlightenment, and avoid the worst of its sinophilic/phobic fetishizing. Organization is in three sections, the first exploring how cartography and literature provided the field for imagining East Asia.
Racialicious called the outfit “a troubling attempt to sidestep authentic representation of a culture and opt instead for racialized fetishizing against Asian women.”
But we look forward to fetishizing the results of these stories in future issues.
From the “money bomb” fundraisers to self-directing groups of volunteers to YouTube videos and the fetishizing of new media, Meili and Nenshi sang from the Democrat’s campaign playbook and the Canadian media joined the chorus, eager for some Obama magic.
He says he has tried “to avoid romanticizing, fetishizing, commodifying, or exoticizing” the Chinese Cubans (p.

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