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جَبْري، قَدَري






herşeyi kadere bırakan


[ˌfeɪtəˈlɪstɪk] ADJfatalista

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adj, fatalistically

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[ˌfeɪtəˈlɪstɪk] adjfatalistico/a

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(feit) noun

1. (sometimes with capital) the supposed power that controls events. Who knows what fate has in store (= waiting for us in the future)?
2. a destiny or doom, eg death. A terrible fate awaited her.

ˈfatalism noun

the belief that fate controls everything, and man cannot change it.

ˈfatalist noun

a person who believes in fatalism. He is a complete fatalist – he just accepts everything that happens to him.

ˌfataˈlistic adjective

ˈfated adjective

controlled or intended by fate. He seemed fated to arrive late wherever he went.

ˈfateful adjective

involving important decisions, results etc. At last the fateful day arrived.

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