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THE Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Georgina Ehuriah, has said that the ministry is partnering key institutions and agencies of the Federal Government to improve on the expatriate quota processing in the country.
When MNCs expatriate objectives are not met for their assigned jobs in host countries, the rates of expatriate failure will be traditionally very high (Tahir, 2018).
He acknowledged that the low revenues of expatriates on the state treasury, referring to arrangements for the enhancement of expatriate transfers to reach four million dollars in the current year.
Applying for clearance from the board has become one of the most dreaded, painful and unpredictable experiences among the expatriate community in Kenya.
Qatar has inaugurated two visa centres in Bangladesh, one in Dhaka and the other in Sylhet, as part of the state’s efforts to facilitate and streamline procedures for bringing in expatriate workforce.
Of the 199 companies, 78 are from Dhofar (3,360 expatriate workers), 27 from North Sharqiyah (797 expatriate workers), 25 from South Sharqiyah (886 expatriate workers), 21 from Muscat (6,918 expatriate workers), 18 from North Batinah (2,928 expatriate workers), 12 from South Batinah (625 expatriate workers), nine from Buraimi (585 expatriate workers), four from Dakhliyah (235 expatriate workers), four from Al Wusta (149 expatriate workers) and one from Dhahirah (61 expatriate workers).
While the younger expatriate population that has a better capacity and prolonged investment potential thinks this will provide a reliable post-retirement saving, the older expatriate population where employees are closer to retirement see not much merit in such a project as they do not have enough time to reap the returns from such an investment and have already worked out retirement plans calculating their gratuity returns.
ISLAMABAD — Prime Minister Muhammd Nawaz Sharif considers that expatriate Pakistanis are roaming ambassadors of the country and the government is giving top priority to resolve their problems, said Chairman Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) Board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik.
Summary: Saudi Arabia’s general budget for the fiscal year 2020 targets to generate about SR65 billion in revenues annually through fees levied on expatriate workers and their dependents, according to foreign consultancy firms that formulated these plans.
He indicated that the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has activated the expatriates committees to attract the Syrian expatriates abroad, to take care of their issues and to follow up any complaint by any foreign missions or any Syrian expatriate.
During the first six months of this year, the private sector employed nearly 1 per cent more expatriate workers than in the first six months of 2015.

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