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ex 1



1. Not including; without: a stock price ex dividend.

2. Free of any transport or handling charges incurred before removal from a given location: bought the goods ex warehouse.

3. From, but not having graduated with, the class of: a Columbia alumnus, ex ’95.

ex 2


tr.v. exed, ex·ing, ex·es

To delete or cross out: He exed each item off the to-do list.

ex 3


n. Slang

A former spouse or partner.

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1. (Banking & Finance) finance not participating in; excluding; without: ex bonus; ex dividend; ex rights.

2. (Commerce) commerce without charge to the buyer until removed from: ex quay; ex ship; ex works.

[C19: from Latin: out of, from]




1. informal (a person’s) former wife, husband, etc

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1. without; not including: ex dividend.

2. free of charges to the purchaser until removed from a specified place: ex warehouse.




the letter X, x.




Informal. a former spouse; ex-wife or ex-husband.

[1820–30; by shortening]



1. a prefix occurring orig. in loanwords from Latin, meaning “out, out of, away, forth” (egregious; exclude; exhale; exit; export; extract), used also to signify that the action of a base verb has been carried to a conclusive point (effect; effete; erase; exaggerate; excite; exhaust), esp. in causative formations (evacuate; effeminate; exhilarate; expurgate) or privative formations, including adjectives (emasculate; enervate; exonerate; exsanguine). Also, before consonants other than c, f, p, q, s,and tin Latin words, e-, ef-.

2. a prefix meaning “former,” “formerly having been”: ex-member; ex-wife.

[< Latin, prefixal use of ex, ē (preposition) out (of), from, beyond; (definition 2) < Late Latin, as in exconsul, based on Latin ex in the sense “from being, having formerly held (an office)”]



var. of exo- before a vowel: exarch.



a prefix similar in meaning to ex-1, occurring orig. in loanwords from Greek: exegesis. Also, before a consonant, ec-.
[ex, ek, out (of), from, beyond; compare ex1]




1. examination.

2. examined.

3. example.

4. except.

5. exception.

6. exchange.

7. excursion.

8. executed.

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