definition of embracement by The Free Dictionary

Like you, we are unique, thriving on the embracement of new challenges and a ‘will do’ attitude.
Dearth of certified prenatal genetic counselors has escalated concerns that embracement of NIPT may lead to a decrease in informed decision making.
MIRIS CEO, Jan Gunnar Mathisen, has gathered a team around him that embodies a complete embracement of cutting-edge technologies to help fulfil the MIRIS vision of creating sustainable lifestyles in balance and harmony with a sustainable planet.
The joint opposition in the Senate, the other day, faced embracement when Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani survived its no-confidence motion due to the votes of 14 lawmakers who defected from the opposition.
It was resolved that we would all cooperate with the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde in the interest of good governance and enhancement of good people of Oyo state from abject poverty, embracement of infrastructural development, rehabilitation of health and education facilities which crave for urgent attention, development of Agriculture etc etc.
Users who spontaneously sought the unit with clinical complaints in oral health were immediately directed to the dentistry room, without any prior embracement. The demand for elective dental treatment was organized through “waiting lists”, that used a chronological prioritization criterion, resulting in inequalities and long waiting periods to have access to care.
And, while there is still a long way to go, baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor signals a new era, not just for the Monarchy but for modern Britain – a place where everyone is accepted for what they are, for whom we love, and a true embracement of all the different permutations that this love produces.
She said that Usman Buzdar is the choice of Imran Khan and those who want to remove and topple Usman Buzdar will face embracement.
We didn’t use any short cut for this new pricing policy for medicines, which otherwise could have caused embracement for us,’ said the PPMA chairman on the occasion.
It admired the mystique and sanctity of Hallasan and its warm and motherly embracement, then beautifully connected the previous life to the present through the term legend.
Drawing on the work of Snow and Anderson (1987), we argue that the concepts of identity work, identity talk, distancing, and embracement provide a useful lens through which to interpret the active role of learners in making identity-related claims.

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