definition of egads by The Free Dictionary

The thing was hushed up, but, egad, Kelso ate his chop alone at the club for some time afterwards.

The men were a poor lot, but, egad! the women were wonderful.

Egad, ma’am, so was I,’ said Bounderby, ‘ – with the wrong side of it.
“Well,” said the tenant, “I don’t apply the observation personally to you, because it is equally applicable to most of the ghosts I ever heard of; but it does appear to me somewhat inconsistent, that when you have an opportunity of visiting the fairest spots of earth–for I suppose space is nothing to you– you should always return exactly to the very places where you have been most miserable.” “Egad, that’s very true; I never thought of that before,” said the ghost.
Egad! I might be married to her; she treats me with such demmed indifference.

Egad! queens are the weakest of their sex, when it comes to such things as these.”

Egad! I bear the traces of our friendship — three slits or slashes from your sword.”

Egad!” thought Joseph, entering the dining-room, “I exactly begin to feel as I did at Dumdum with Miss Cutler.” Many sweet little appeals, half tender, half jocular, did Miss Sharp make to him about the dishes at dinner; for by this time she was on a footing of considerable familiarity with the family, and as for the girls, they loved each other like sisters.

I might go farther, and fare worse, egad!” And in these meditations he fell asleep.

Egad, master,” said Sancho, “if we have no other proof of our case than what your worship puts forward, Mambrino’s helmet is just as much a basin as this good fellow’s caparison is a pack-saddle.”
Hearst apparently romanticized his mother and father’s courtship story (the horror!), and it appears his parents were married not in Stedville, Missouri, as earlier reported, but in Steelville (egads!).
Under the economic loss formula (ELF) the amount of loss disallowed or the amount of basis reduction with respect to a share of stock cannot exceed the share’s sum of (1) extraordinary gain dispositions (EGADs), (2) positive investment adjustments (PINAs) and (3) duplicated loss.

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