definition of effluvia by The Free Dictionary

No; without a gown, in a shift that was somewhat of the coarsest, and none of the cleanest, bedewed likewise with some odoriferous effluvia, the produce of the day’s labour, with a pitchfork in her hand, Molly Seagrim approached.
Their apprehensions arise from several changes they dread in the celestial bodies: for instance, that the earth, by the continual approaches of the sun towards it, must, in course of time, be absorbed, or swallowed up; that the face of the sun, will, by degrees, be encrusted with its own effluvia, and give no more light to the world; that the earth very narrowly escaped a brush from the tail of the last comet, which would have infallibly reduced it to ashes; and that the next, which they have calculated for one-and-thirty years hence, will probably destroy us.
While disease had thus become an inhabitant of Lowood, and death its frequent visitor; while there was gloom and fear within its walls; while its rooms and passages steamed with hospital smells, the drug and the pastille striving vainly to overcome the effluvia of mortality, that bright May shone unclouded over the bold hills and beautiful woodland out of doors.
Perkins, both of whom observed the foetid effluvia and regarded them as being emitted from the premises in the occupation of Krook, the unfortunate deceased.
With the Nokia 220 you can walk out of that toilet with your dignity intact, because at PS39 it’s a phone you won’t think twice about abandoning in a dark hole filled with the septic effluvia of strangers.
By goading wool-coated politicians to fund costly legislation embanking the Thames, the heat empowered Disraeli, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, to back measures that would contain the effluvia of the capital and direct it towards the sea.
Much of the sewage ends up in waterways, which are also dumping grounds for solid garbage and industrial effluvia.
Their signs are obtrusive, the smells emanating from the air, causing a great effluvia and the state of the pavements around them, show a total and utter disregard for our once beautiful town.
[USPRwire, Wed Oct 24 2018] Commercial Deodorizers Market – Introduction: A commercial deodorizer is a substance that has the ability to destroy fetid effluvia .Commercial deodorizers is used to eliminate offensive odours.
It is filled with what Herms calls effluvia. Rusty metal objects dangle on wires.
Looking through all of the random effluvia from the preceding 51 weeks, I notice lots of ideas and subjects that I wanted to address but simply never got around to writing about.
Thanks to OKeefe, the Post also showed a skeptical public just how different real journalism is from the effluvia produced by Project Veritas.

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