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 [ef″loo͡-rahzh´] (Fr.)

stroking movement in massage. During childbirth, a light circular stroke of the lower abdomen, done in rhythm to control breathing, to aid in relaxation of the abdominal muscles, and to increase concentration during a uterine contraction. The stroking is accomplished by moving the wrist only. Concentrating on the coordination of stroking and breathing is believed to block out some of the sensations created by the contracting uterus.


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A stroking movement in massage.

[Fr. effleurer, to touch lightly]

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Massage therapy in which the therapist employs long, slow, rhythmic, light and heavy pressure strokes from the fingertips, thumbs, knuckles and palms. Effleurage may be combined by some therapists with aromatherapy.

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A form of massage consisting of superficial or deep long, unbroken strokes in which the hand conforms the surface and follows the fiber direction of underlying structures.
See also: pétrissage

[Fr. effleurer, to touch lightly]

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