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Our leaders should take note: grand gestures no longer compensate for venality, incompetence, or dissemblance. Public naivete has long smouldered away.
(107) Darlene Clark Hine described a “culture of dissemblance,” where women adopt the attitude that these were incidents of “hazing” or they were “earning respect” by being “tough” and being able to “take it.” (108) Stone said, “Once you make it clear there ain’t going to be no monkey business …
The contradictions inherent in the moral view of the world lead to what Hegel terms Dissemblance (Verstellung).
Cooper’s title stems from the culture of dissemblance and the politics of respectability theorized by historians Darlene Clark Hine and Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham.
Some of Nix’s claims turned out to be either bluster or dissemblance. According to two New York Times investigative reporters, “a dozen Republican consultants and former Trump campaign aides, along with current and former Cambridge employees, say the company’s ability to exploit personality profiles–‘our secret sauce,’ Mr.
The multitude of narrative voices, as Snyder claims, discredits any solid ground upon which le Carre’s characters might stand and immerses readers “in a welter of largely artificial ways of speaking, the net effect of which reinforces the idea of linguistic masquerade and dissemblance” (27).
a mass-mediated atavistic discourse, representation, and belief grounded in natural hierarchy, heteronormative-patriarchy, hypermoralism, sexual dissemblance, wifedom, motherhood, beautification for others, erotophobia, phallic power, and racial loyalty that reproduces, maintains, holds together, and justifies jezebelian ho discourse and theology, the discourse on black ladyhood, the myth of the black matriarchate, and the black “nuclear” project in the name of black normalcy and racial progress.
Thus, while it is possible to observe formal similarities of historiographical language pertaining to the narrative modes, historicity, prose, and vernacularism of historical discourse, there is a rhetorical and topological dissemblance in the specificity and operation of the concrete narrative modes of typology, figural fulfilment, genealogy, and anagogical ascent in their Latin and French usage and Asian counterparts.
dissemblance, in the act of defending any era as a safe one.
Asking developing countries to sacrifice their economic growth on the altar of mitigating climate change, whilst countenancing many developed countries – specifically the US itself – in high carbon emissions is a dissemblance that has given rise to much debate in international forums.
His questions are merely dissemblance, protecting him against the onslaught he imagines Ideal will give.
Moreover, while ICT opens possibilities for practically continuous interaction with others, it also opens possibilities for dissemblance, for editing how we are present and as whom, and for minimizing conflict by accepting contact only with people with whom we are in substantial agreement about significant issues.

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