definition of diffidently by The Free Dictionary

And he began, at first rather diffidently, but more and more carried away by the subject as he went on, to draw her attention to the various details of the decoration of his house and garden.
No matter how diffidently or how respectfully Magdalen might presume on her master’s example, and on her master’s evident liking for her, the old man instantly discovered the advance she was making from her proper position, and instantly put her back in it again, with a quaint good humor which inflicted no pain, but with a blunt straightforwardness of purpose which permitted no escape.
“I don’t suppose,” Tootles said diffidently [bashfully or timidly], “that I could be father.
Most diffidently did I call this accomplishment to my aid now, and immediately David checked his forces and considered my unexpected movement without prejudice.
“Seems like the only common and ordinary folks here are ourselves,” rejoined Aunt Em, diffidently.
“Didn’t–your aunt want you to go?” asked the doctor, a little diffidently, as they drove away.
“Perhaps,” the Duke suggested diffidently, “you would like to ride over, Prince?
“Yes, m’m.” The old servant hesitated, then added diffidently: “Don’t you think, m’m, you’d better get to bed?
“There are two of your father’s pictures in the modern side of the gallery up-stairs,” he remarked, a little diffidently. “They are great favourites with everybody here.”
“What would ye think of offering up prayer?” the man asked diffidently.
“Ma, I’ve enlisted,” he had said to her diffidently. There was a short silence.
“Your knowledge of the world, dear aunt, is superior to mine,” I suggested diffidently. “But there must be a reason surely for this extraordinary conduct on Rachel’s part.

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