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I suggest a series of articles pointing out how dreary, how inhuman, how downright diabolist, is the very smell and atmosphere of some of these great houses.
Oddie notes that in a 1907 essay called “The Diabolist” Chesterton represents himself as saying 15 years earlier, “I am becoming orthodox,” and comments, “Whatever ‘orthodoxy’ had meant for him in the early 1890s, it could scarcely be the same as it came to mean by the time he used the word, over a decade and a half later, as the title for one of his key works” (121).
Born into a Tokyo merchant family with declining fortunes, then later studying literature at Tokyo Imperial University until there was no money left for school fees, Tanizaki started off his professional life by writing plays, stories and screenplays, often involving his erotic and diabolist obsessions.
resists the seductive appeal of self-pity and redemption through suffering”, (8) the diabolist mobilizes the Church’s Devil to implicitly reject transcendental forms of redemption in favor of corporeal security and temporal empowerment.
Dupee also mentions the frequently expressed wish of the Oxford dons to be rid of the undergraduates in Zuleika Dobson and the taking of the Diabolist Soames’s soul and body by the Devil himself in “Enoch Soames” from Seven Men and Two Others.
This month, Antony’s partcipation will be centre stage at Meltdown on London’s South Bank, with a bill featuring Lou Reed, native American star Buffy Saint Marie and sonic diabolist Diamanda Galas.
Diabolist,” one of the “fleeting sketches” (24) he wrote
UP IN THE AIR: Colin Ireland perfects his skills at the European Juggling Convention held at Huddersfield New College; top right, diabolist David Steedman of Almondbury whirls his spools on a string
His Autobiography states that he never “indulged very much in the current arguments about the relativity of evil or the unreality of sin,” for he was “one of the few people in that world of diabolism who really believed in devils.” This conviction about the devil was reinforced by dabbling in spiritualism and by an association with a fellow student whom he called “the diabolist.” A comment of this student was for Chesterton “by far the most terrible thing that has ever happened to me in my life.” The words he overheard were: “I tell you I have done everything else.

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