definition of daftie by The Free Dictionary

Jerm La dopfe a Lomas said: “People talk about Kyle and say he’s a big daftie but he’s not stupid.
He doesn’t have a Scottish accent but I’ll get him on the Irn-Bru and try to throw in a few Scottish words, like daftie, to the conversation!
His mannerisms and Galloway accent, together with his dress, earned him the nickname of “Daftie“, which he bore without complaint for many years.
#whatsnottolike” Saying “what’s not to like” when you are a member of a Government that enjoys the support of less than half the population is what is technically known as leaving yourself a hostage to fortune (and rather less technically known as ‘being a right daftie‘.) Predictably enough, scores of twitter users piled in with plenty of things they believe are not to like, from austerity and food banks and the treatment of fishermen, the state of the NHS and the number of potholes on roads in the East Midlands.
“As they approached him the accused said’alright ya pair of f***?’ “He continued to urinate and as an officer approached closer he shouted, ‘f*** off daftie‘.
“There were exchanges between both parties during these Facebook communications, including the complainer’s mum who responded; ‘Hey daftie! It’s the girl’s mum and you don’t want to f**k with us!.'” He also claimed the child’s mum branded Miss Jackson a “Gingey f**k” and warned she would do “damage to her” for threatening her daughter.
Maybe it’s because we’re a bit out on our own up here, or maybe we just love a daftie!
Maybe it’s because we’re a bit out on our own up here or maybe we just love a daftie!
I’ve run around up front like a daftie for 10 years and not qualified for a tournament, to then walk away and then see the team get to one…
What is the big deal about royal daftie Prince Harry wearing a swastika?
It’s just me being a bit of a daftie. I’m quite heirloom?
David McCracken still tries to kid himself he’s the dressing room daftie – but these days he’s the prefect pro on and off the park.

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