definition of crapshoot by The Free Dictionary

But cancer that has progressed to Stage 3 or beyond is a crapshoot. Even after what seems to be successful treatment, the odds of it returning in a handful of years are exceptionally high.
You can’t define your college season on if you win the championship because the tournament is such a crapshoot. But we’ve been fortunate to get hot at the right time and have a great coach (Jay Wright) who led us.”
I can only suggest a deep search at Nam-rich Gun Parts as finding parts for an antique is always a crapshoot. If it was a project I was doing I would search
“It’s like running a crapshoot,” said Myron Shevell, chairman and CEO of the Shevell Group that operates New England Motor Freight on the less-than-truckload (LTL) side and Eastern Freightways in the truckload (TL) market.
It is always a bit of a crapshoot to resurrect a beloved character after the original author has gone to the Great Bookshop in the Sky, but Harris pulls it off pretty well.
The result is a crapshoot whereby investors have challenged states for lost profits over environmental regulations, such as Germany’s nuclear phase out, America’s denial of a major oil pipeline permit, and Italy’s ban on offshore oil operations.
One way out of what one newspaper headline decried as a “Judicial Crapshoot” would be to abandon standards and return to rules in the context of pregnant minors.
Sri Lanka Cancels Casinos, Spotlights Asia Investment Risk Crapshoot. Forbes Asia.
Sure, roaming new and distant lands promises adventure and the potential for amazing results, but it also can be a crapshoot. Who knows what’s just over the next mountain?
Incidentally, in the giddy crapshoot of romance, I just happened to strike it lucky.
I don’t know if it’s going to happen now, Merion might have been his last great chance and he let it get away.” THE OPEN, Royal Troon July 14-17 ”The Open at Troon is a crapshoot because of the weather – any of the top players could win there.” US PGA, Baltusrol July 28-31 ”I think if you take a list of who you think are the best eight players in the world, they will win the first three, and the PGA might be up for grabs.
And there’s no guarantee that he will. “It’s a crapshoot,” Neal said.

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