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a. The act of granting certain powers or the authority to carry out a particular task or duty.

b. The authority so granted.

c. The matter or task so authorized: Investigation of fraud was their commission.

d. A document conferring such authorization.


a. A public board or administrative body: The Federal Trade Commission investigates false advertising.

b. often Commission A ruling council within the Mafia that adjudicates family disputes and regulates family activities.

3. The act of committing or perpetrating: the commission of a crime.

4. A fee or percentage allowed to a sales representative or an agent for services rendered.


a. An official document issued by a government, conferring on the recipient the rank of a commissioned officer in the armed forces.

b. The rank and powers so conferred.

tr.v. com·mis·sioned, com·mis·sion·ing, com·mis·sions

1. To grant a military commission to.


a. To grant authority for (something to be made or done); place an order for: commission a new symphony for the festival.

b. To authorize or engage (someone to do something): commission an architect to design a building. See Synonyms at authorize.

3. To put (a ship) into active service.


in commission

1. In active service. Used of a ship.

2. In use or in usable condition.

on commission

With a sales commission serving as full or partial recompense for the work done: sells boats on commission.

out of commission

1. Not in active service. Used of a ship.

2. Not in use or working condition.

[Middle English commissioun, from Latin commissiō, commissiōn-, from commissus, past participle of committere, to entrust; see commit.]

com·mis′sion·a·ble adj.

com·mis′sion·al adj.

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1. a duty or task committed to a person or group to perform

2. authority to undertake or perform certain duties or functions

3. a document granting such authority

4. (Military) military

a. a document conferring a rank on an officer

b. the rank or authority thereby granted

5. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a group of people charged with certain duties: a commission of inquiry.

6. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a government agency or board empowered to exercise administrative, judicial, or legislative authority. See also Royal Commission
7. (Commerce)

a. the authority given to a person or organization to act as an agent to a principal in commercial transactions

b. the fee allotted to an agent for services rendered

8. the state of being charged with specific duties or responsibilities

9. the act of committing a sin, crime, etc

10. something, esp a sin, crime, etc, that is committed

11. (Military) good working condition or (esp of a ship) active service (esp in the phrases in or into commission, out of commission)

12. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) US the head of a department of municipal government


13. (tr) to grant authority to; charge with a duty or task

14. (Military) (tr) military to confer a rank on or authorize an action by

15. (Nautical Terms) (tr) to equip and test (a ship) for active service

16. to make or become operative or operable: the plant is due to commission next year.

17. (tr) to place an order for (something): to commission a portrait.

[C14: from Old French, from Latin commissiō a bringing together, from committere to commit]

comˈmissional, comˈmissionary adj

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(kəˈmɪʃ ən)


1. the act of committing or giving in charge.

2. an authoritative order, charge, or direction.

3. authority granted for a particular action or function.

4. a document granting such authority.

5. a document conferring authority issued by the president of the U.S. to officers in the military services and by state governments to justices of the peace, etc.

6. the position or rank of an officer in any of the armed forces.

7. a group of persons authoritatively charged with particular functions: a parks commission.

8. a task or matter committed to one’s charge; official assignment: The architect received a commission to design an office building.

9. the act of committing or perpetrating a crime, error, etc.

10. something that is committed.

11. authority to act as agent for another or others in commercial transactions.

12. a sum or percentage allowed to agents, sales representatives, etc., for their services.


13. to give a commission to.

14. to authorize; send on a mission.

15. to order (a warship, military command, etc.) into readiness for active duty.

16. to give a commission or order for: to commission a painting for the lobby.


in (or out of) commission,

a. in (or not in) service.

b. in (or not in) operating order.

c. Also, into commission. (of a ship) in condition for active naval service.

[1300–50; Middle English (commissiō commencement of a contest commit)]

com•mis′sion•a•ble, adj.

com•mis′sion•al, adj.

com•mis′sive, adj.

com•mis′sive•ly, adv.

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