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While he was taken up with these vagaries, then, the time and the hour- an unlucky one for him- arrived for the Asturian to come, who in her smock, with bare feet and her hair gathered into a fustian coif, with noiseless and cautious steps entered the chamber where the three were quartered, in quest of the carrier; but scarcely had she gained the door when Don Quixote perceived her, and sitting up in his bed in spite of his plasters and the pain of his ribs, he stretched out his arms to receive his beauteous damsel.
In one hand he grasped a thick staff pointed and shod with metal, while in the other he held his coif or bonnet, which bore in its front a broad pewter medal stamped with the image of Our Lady of Rocamadour.
From the length of the veil which fell from their pointed coif, twined with pearls, to their heels, from the fineness of the embroidered chemisette which covered their shoulders and allowed a glimpse, according to the pleasing custom of the time, of the swell of their fair virgin bosoms, from the opulence of their under-petticoats still more precious than their overdress (marvellous refinement), from the gauze, the silk, the velvet, with which all this was composed, and, above all, from the whiteness of their hands, which certified to their leisure and idleness, it was easy to divine they were noble and wealthy heiresses.
But now I will teach you clearly, telling you the names of men who have great power and honour here and are chief among the people, guarding our city’s coif of towers by their wisdom and true judgements: there is wise Triptolemus and Dioclus and Polyxeinus and blameless Eumolpus and Dolichus and our own brave father.
Ian Richards will join four other professional managers on the North East Co-Investment Fund (COIF).
In fact, nearly a third of NSEI’s CoIF portfolio are businesses that have grown from initial POC funding.
The Salon by Maxime, located on the famed Rodeo Drive is home to an open loft space that houses a talented staff ready to coif, primp, and style you for any occasion be it an LA casual or Red Carpet event.
To date, NSEI has invested pounds 16m into 31 venture capital deals through its Co Investment Fund (COIF), and pounds 9m into 150 projects through its Proof of Concept Fund (POC).
He is a member of the Order of the Coif, the State Bar of Michigan Appellate Practice Section, the Federal Bar Association of the Eastern District of Michigan, and the Harvard Club of Eastern Michigan.
To date, eight businesses have progressed from the POC to the pounds 23m North East Co-Investment Fund (COIF), also managed by NorthStar Equity Investors (NSEI), which provides venture capital in partnership with public or private sector investors and has been designed to encourage co-investments with a consortia of investors.
The Salon by Maxime, located on the famed rue Rodeo Drive is home to a open loft space that houses a talented staff ready to coif, primp, and style you for any occasion be it an LA casual or Red Carpet event!

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