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After college and for the next 20 years, Black had been creating comics in different styles and genres and had taken the independent route in publishing one shot stories (Someone Else’s Life, The Black Rose, The Scars on his Wrists, The Man from the Planet of the Masochists), comic book series (Marble Mutants, War Marbles, Satan High, Clowder, Delivery Boys, Umbrella Ronin, Samurai Takeover, Yakuza Boy) and a gag book titled Black Comedy.
“When unspayed boys are left with a clowder of neutered girls, they get extremely frustrated, and end up badly injuring or even killing the females, so it’s essential that feral cats are spayed regardless of their sex,” West explained.
They don’t think about cows, horses, goats, chickens, and the clowder of cats that hang out in and around the barn.
Well the kitchen at Bryn Isa certainly ticks all the boxes, the kitchen is huge, with more than enough room to swing a whole clowder of cats.
And once someone gets rolling on the oral history of Mont Pelerin, the phrase “herding cats” is rarely far behind (perhaps libertarians could borrow from the cats and use clowder for their collective noun).
It was a horrible noise, the sound of a sickening wind punctuated by the thin squeak from something that sounded like a clowder of maniacal cats, but it was more as if suddenly you could hear through walls from another world, the suffocating closing down of reason.
Soon Julia and Andy were living amid a clowder of stinking felines.
In a vast expanse of untouched Abu Dhabi desert, scientists from the Environment Agency (EAD) are busy protecting a clowder of sand cats from extinction.
The blessing also attracted a clowder of cats, a bale of turtles, a knot of snakes, a company of parrots, a horde of hamsters, a group of guinea pigs, and a glint of goldfish blissfully adrift in their fishbowl.
The Sunday Times’ revelations about alleged bribery surrounding the selection of Qatar for the 2022 World Cup has put a whole clowder of cats among the pigeons.
4 A group of kittens is called a kindle and a group of cats is called a clowder.

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