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تمسكيَتَمَسَّك، يَعْلَق، يَلْتَصِق

lepit selnout

hænge fast iholde sig tilklæbe sig tilklamre sig tilklynge sig til


halda sér í/í námunda viî



okleniti seoprijeti se


[klɪŋ] (clung (pt, pp)) VI

3. (= stay close) (to friend, mother etc) → no separarse (to de) to cling together (fig) → no separarse (ni un momento)

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[ˈklɪŋ] [clung] [ˈklʌŋ] (pt, pp) vi

[clothes] → mouler
to cling to sth [clothes] → mouler qch

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[klɪŋ] vi (clung (pt, pp))

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(kliŋ) past tense past participle clung (klaŋ) verb

(usually with to) to stick (to); to grip tightly. The mud clung to her shoes; She clung to her husband as he said goodbye; He clings to an impossible hope; The boat clung to (= stayed close to) the coastline.

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