definition of CCPD by Medical dictionary

(113) While most attention has been paid to the Programme to Combat Racism, other new programmes dealt with anthropological and social and ethical issues, such as the “Humanum Studies,” (114) as well as the two studies on the “The Future of Man and Society in a World of Science-based Technology,” and “Violence, Nonviolence and the Struggle for Sociayustice.” (115) In addition, there was a stronger emphasis on dialogue with people of other faiths, (116) and CCPD was set up, while another new area of responsibility was in the area of education, with the creation of an office for education to support member churches’ work in this area.
Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) of BlueCrest College is responsible for conducting hands on workshops on latest ICT technologies across the country.
Moreover, the patient successfully transitioned to home dialysis via continuous cyclic peritoneal dialysis (CCPD), which had a significant and positive impact on the patient’s HRQOL.
Os pacientes que realizavam outro tipo de tratamento dialitico, tal como a dialise peritoneal intermitente (DPI), a dialise peritoneal ambulatorial continua (CAPD), a dialise peritoneal ciclica continua (CCPD), a dialise continua, dentre outros, e apresentassem idade inferior a 18 anos foram excluidos da pesquisa.
APD can be achieved continuously by leaving the dialysate in the abdominal cavity 24 hours daily (continuous cycler PD or CCPD), or by the nocturnal intermittent process (Ellam & Wilkie, 2011; Saxena, 2014).
In a related peace development, as part of the activities for the yearly celebration of the Mindanao Week of Peace, the Diocese of Butuan through the Commission on Services, in cooperation with the Caraga Conference for Peace and Development (CCPD) together with the Muslim Communities, Indigenous Peoples and different stakeholders in the region will hold the ‘Climate Solidarity Prayer March’ on Sunday, Nov.29, at Guingona Park.
As head of the development department, I was further inspired by the WCC Commission on Churches Participation in Development (CCPD) with its emphasis on development as a process to promote social justice, self-reliance, and economic growth.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics researches customer needs with a R&D model of Customer Centered Product Definition (CCPD).
Continuous cycler-assisted peritoneal dialysis (CCPD), also called automated peritoneal dialysis, uses a machine to fill and drain your abdomen, usually while you sleep.
Exchanges and removal of minerals and small molecule solutes were rather drastic during NPD and steady during day-time dwell in continuous cyclic PD (CCPD) patients.

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