definition of cash by The Free Dictionary

I will not strip these men, thought Ahab, of all hopes of cash –aye, cash.
“Once for all, sir,” replied the baroness sharply, “I tell you I will not hear cash named; it is a style of language I never heard in the house of my parents or in that of my first husband.”
Killeny, my boy, we’re goin’ to get so rich that if he can’t snare a sucker we’ll put up the cash ourselves ‘n’ buy a schooner for ‘m, ‘n’ send him out a-treasure- huntin’ on his own.
“The price of this animal,” the Hunter replied, “is down to bed- rock; you can have him for nothing a pound, spot cash, and I’ll throw in the next one that I lasso.
He knew that Zeena must be wondering why he did not offer to drive her to the Flats and let Jotham Powell take the lumber to Starkfield, and at first he could not think of a pretext for not doing so; then he said: “I’d take you over myself, only I’ve got to collect the cash for the lumber.”
A Billiard-maker, whose skill was immense, Might perhaps have won more than his share– But a Banker, engaged at enormous expense, Had the whole of their cash in his care.
What with mortgages and arrears, I’m as short o’ cash as a roadside pauper.
To-day in the City it is true that you could raise a million pounds in cash, but let me whisper a word, one little word, and you would be hard pressed to raise a thousand.
Vasili Andreevich did not pay Nikita the eighty rubles a year such a man was worth, but only about forty, which he gave him haphazard, in small sums, and even that mostly not in cash but in goods from his own shop and at high prices.
We can’t buy one minute of time with cash; if we could, rich people would live longer.
Anatole Kuragin was staying in Moscow because his father had sent him away from Petersburg, where he had been spending twenty thousand rubles a year in cash, besides running up debts for as much more, which his creditors demanded from his father.
Here was the cash account, showing how the money had been spent.

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