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I’ll take it on my shoulders, holus bolus, blame and shame, my boy; but stay here, I cannot let you.
But the success has not hitherto been answerable, partly by some error in the QUANTUM or composition, and partly by the perverseness of lads, to whom this bolus is so nauseous, that they generally steal aside, and discharge it upwards, before it can operate; neither have they been yet persuaded to use so long an abstinence, as the prescription requires.
A mighty man at cutting and drying, he was; a government officer; in his way (and in most other people’s too), a professed pugilist; always in training, always with a system to force down the general throat like a bolus, always to be heard of at the bar of his little Public-office, ready to fight all England.
In Physicia Baal is still worshiped as Bolus, and as Belly he is adored and served with abundant sacrifice by the priests of Guttledom.
Mr Merdle, with a dry, swallowing action, seemed to dispose of those qualities like a bolus; then added, ‘As a sort of return for it.
So, having succeeded in contradicting myself in my first chapter (which gives me great hopes that you will all go on, and think me a good fellow notwithstanding my crotchets), I shall here shut up for the present, and consider my ways; having resolved to “sar’ it out,” as we say in the Vale, “holus bolus” just as it comes, and then you’ll probably get the truth out of me.
Why, why am I to recant and accept the Rodgers’ articles now?” There is no help for it; the faithful proselytizer, if she cannot convince by argument, bursts into tears, and the refusant finds himself, at the end of the contest, taking down the bolus, and saying, “Well, well, Rodgers’ be it.”
Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, Mr Fidelis Molao says the government will not consider reverting to the use of bolus, despite challenges with ear tags.
But bolus administration leads to variations in the degree of relaxation and also haemodynamics, making it difficult to maintain uniformly relaxed state and stable haemodynamics to facilitate uneventful anaesthesia and surgery.
Data from the feasibility study demonstrated the safety of the system and its potential to improve overall glycemic control and simplify diabetes management for individuals who forget to administer a bolus of insulin at mealtime, carb count inaccurately or choose to forgo announcing meals.
The inhalational bolus technique is based on the principle of overpressure, and it rapidly increases the end-tidal concentration of the volatile agent, which then effectively blocks any analgesic and/or hypnotic arousal effects (5).
[1] It is also known that an initial IV insulin bolus may not be needed in the management of DKA if insulin therapy is started promptly at a dose of 0.14 IU/kg/h.

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