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के पीछेपीछा



á bakviî, meîá eftireftirfyrir aftan, á bak viîrass, rasskinnar


…의 뒤에뒤에엉덩이


iš paskoskam nors nežinantslaptauž kieno nors nugaros

aizaiz sevisaizmugurēatpalicisatstāt aiz sevis





پیچھاکے پیچھے

môngở đằng sau



When behind is an element in a phrasal verb, eg fall behind, stay behind, look up the verb.


5. (= in the past of) it’s all behind us nowtodo eso ha quedado ya atrás
6. (= to one’s credit) she has four novels behind hertiene cuatro novelas en el haber

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(= supporting) to be behind sb → soutenir qn
(= responsible for) to be behind a killing → avoir commandité un meurtre
He wants to find out who was behind it
BUT Il veut trouver le responsable.

(physical position)derrière

nderrière m

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(= in or at the rear of, stationary) → hinter (+dat); (with motion) → hinter (+acc); come out from behind the doorkomm hinter der Tür (her)vor; he came up behind meer trat von hinten an mich heran; walk close behind megehen Sie dicht hinter mir; close the door behind youmach die Tür hinter dir zu; put it behind the booksstellen Sie es hinter die Bücher; he has the Communists behind himer hat die Kommunisten hinter sich (dat); to be behind an ideaeine Idee unterstützen; what is behind this/this incident?was steckt dahinter/steckt hinter diesem Vorfall?; she has years of experience behind hersie hat viele Jahre der Erfahrung hinter sich (dat)
(= more backward than) to be behind somebodyhinter jdm zurück sein

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1. prepdietro; (time) → in ritardo con
look behind you! → guarda dietro di te!
what’s behind all this? (fig) → cosa c’è sotto?
we’re behind them in technology (fig) → siamo più indietro or più arretrati di loro nella tecnica
his family is behind him (fig) → ha l’appoggio della famiglia
behind the scenes → dietro le quinte

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(biˈhaind) preposition

1. at or towards the back of. behind the door.
2. remaining after. The tourists left their litter behind them.
3. in support. We’re right behind him on this point.


1. at the back. following behind.
3. remaining. He left his book behind; We stayed behind after the party.


the buttocks. a smack on the behind.

behind someone’s back

without someone’s knowledge or permission. He sometimes bullies his sister behind his mother’s back.

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خَلْفَ, دُبُر, وَراءَ vzadu, za, zadek bag, bagdel, tilbage hinten, hinter, Hinterteil οπίσθια, πίσω, πίσω από detrás, detrás de, trasero takana, takapuoli derrière iza, straga, stražnjica dietro, posteriore ・・・の後ろに, 後ろに, 臀部 …의 뒤에, 뒤에, 엉덩이 achter, achterste, erachter bak, ende tyłek, z tyłu, za atrás, atrás de, nádegas, rabo сзади, ягодицы bak, bakom ข้างหลัง, หลัง, หลังจาก arka, arkada, arkasında mông, ở đằng sau 后面, 在…后面, 在后面

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adv., prep., detrás, trás, atrás, hacia atrás.

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adj atrasado; Is he behind in school?..¿Está atrasado en sus estudios?; n (fam, buttocks) nalgas, trasero (fam); prep detrás de

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