definition of balefully by The Free Dictionary

He was now become, to them, the most balefully interesting object they had ever looked upon, and they could not take their fas- cinated eyes from his face.
His teeth chattered; his yellow eyes squinted balefully at us as he passed forward.
Her eyes seemed to burn balefully. “Yeh’ve gone teh deh devil, Mag Johnson, yehs knows yehs have gone teh deh devil.
When the creature had received the report of the Sagoth its cold eyes glistened with malice and hatred as they were turned balefully upon me.
His yellow eyes fastened themselves balefully upon the figure of the girl, the bristling lips raised, disclosing the grinning fangs.
“All right, Mister Man,” she threatened balefully. “You can talk about your grips and death touches and all the rest, but that’s all man’s game.
Eugene says this with a sound of vexation in his voice, leaning back in his chair and looking balefully at Lady Tippins, who nods to him as her dear Bear, and playfully insinuates that she (a self- evident proposition) is Beauty, and he Beast.
Ajor, having less knowledge of the effectiveness of firearms than I, and therefore greater confidence in them, entreated me to shoot the beast; but I knew that the chance that I could stop it with a single shot was most remote, while that I should but infuriate it was real and present; and so I waited for what seemed an eternity, watching those devilish points of fire glaring balefully at us, and listening to the ever-increasing volume of those seismic growls which seemed to rumble upward from the bowels of the earth, shaking the very cliffs beneath which we cowered, until at last I saw that the brute was again approaching the aperture.
What is that ghastly face looking out balefully after him from behind the arras?
Julian Jones stiffen, although she kept her gaze fixed balefully upon two mud-hens that were prowling along the lagoon shallows below us.
Then stared, and they all stared, balefully, as if through a compound eye, hoping to drive him off.
I have mounds of unread books like Warlight by Michael Ondaatje, House of Stone by Novuyo Rosa and Alfred Brendel’s Music, Sense and Nonsense glaring at me balefully.

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