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ash 1



1. The grayish-white to black powdery residue left when something is burned.

2. Geology Pulverized particulate matter ejected by volcanic eruption.

3. The mineral residue of incinerated organic matter, used as an additive in pet foods.

4. ashes Ruins: the ashes of a lost culture.

5. ashes Bodily remains, especially after cremation or decay.

v. ashed, ash·ing, ash·es

To reduce or convert to ash: ash a tissue sample for analysis.


Informal To drop ashes from a cigar or cigarette: accidentally ashed on his own sleeve.

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white ash

Fraxinus americana

ash 2



1. Any of various chiefly deciduous trees of the genus Fraxinus, having opposite, pinnately compound leaves, clusters of small flowers, and one-seeded winged fruits.

2. The strong, elastic wood of this tree, used for furniture, tool handles, and sporting goods such as baseball bats.

3. Linguistics The letter æ in Old English and some modern phonetic alphabets, representing the vowel sound of Modern English ash.

[Middle English asshe, from Old English æsc.]

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1. (Elements & Compounds) the nonvolatile products and residue formed when matter is burnt

2. (Elements & Compounds) any of certain compounds formed by burning. See soda ash

3. (Geological Science) fine particles of lava thrown out by an erupting volcano

4. (Colours) a light silvery grey colour, often with a brownish tinge

[Old English æsce; related to Old Norse, Old High German aska, Gothic azgō, Latin aridus dry]




1. (Plants) any oleaceous tree of the genus Fraxinus, esp F. excelsior of Europe and Asia, having compound leaves, clusters of small greenish flowers, and winged seeds

2. (Forestry) the close-grained durable wood of any of these trees, used for tool handles, etc

3. (Plants) any of several trees resembling the ash, such as the mountain ash

4. (Plants) Austral any of several Australian trees resembling the ash, esp of the eucalyptus genus

[Old English æsc; related to Old Norse askr, Old Saxon, Old High German ask, Lithuanian uosis]




(Linguistics) the digraph æ, as in Old English, representing a front vowel approximately like that of the a in Modern English hat. The character is also used to represent this sound in the International Phonetic Alphabet



(in Britain) n acronym for

Action on Smoking and Health

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1. the powdery residue of matter that remains after burning.

2. finely pulverized lava thrown out by a volcano in eruption.

3. a light, silvery gray color.

4. ashes,

a. deathlike grayness; extreme pallor.

b. ruins, esp. the residue of something destroyed; remains; vestiges.

c. mortal remains, esp. after decay or cremation.

d. anything symbolic of penance, regret, remorse, or the like.

[before 950; Middle English a(i)sshe, Old English asce, æsce; c. Frisian esk, Old High German, Old Norse aska, Gothic azgo; akin to Latin ārēre be dry (see arid), Skt asa- ashes]

ash′less, adj.




1. any of various trees of the genus Fraxinus, of the olive family, esp. F. excelsior, of Europe and Asia, or F. americana, of North America, having opposite, pinnate leaves and purplish flowers in small clusters.

2. the tough, straight-grained wood of any of these trees.

3. the ligature or phonetic symbol “æ.”

[before 900; Middle English asshe, Old English æsc, c. Old Saxon, Old High German asc, Old Norse askr; akin to Latin ornus mountain ash]

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