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manager of Walton Plaza Rajbari, Moazzem Hossain Maznu, president of Apon Shilpi Gosthi, Md.
Even so, these considerations are not confirmed through the articulation of explicit stage directions in the manner of ‘a vysour aredy apon Constantyn ys face’.
And also apon [??]e roche whare [??]e cross was ficched es writen bus, Gros guist rasis thou pestes thoy thesmoysi, or [??]us, Oyos iustiys basis thou pisteos thoy themosi.
Apon, “Dimension-preserving reductions from lwe to lwr,” IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, vol.
Da boats ir oon: we tak wir place, Caald sweat apon wir face; Da fecht is on–hit’s dem or wis, Nae quarter, boys, in Greenland.
Estes indicadores apon tam para a fragilidade socioeconomica da area de estudo, que numa perspectiva epidemiologica se constitui de uma area favoravel para o estabelecimento e manutencao da doenca (Tabela 1).
Previously, Lipi was coordinating social development projects with the Islamic Relief Bangladesh and the Ashokti Punorbashon Nibash (APON), targeting several groups of people including, drug abusing women, orphaned children and their widowed mothers.
Diversos acontecimientos historicos conducen a la sustitucion de China por J apon como potencia hegemonica pero, en la actualidad, se presenta una serie de condiciones que de nuevo conducen a reconocer la potencialidad de China como gran potencia.
H vppon his shelde] apon his owne sheld H; on his shielde S 16 hym] a bere H; him-self S and] AS; om.
The veteran CIOs who quit corporate roles to take similar challenges include S P Arya who left Amtek Group after eight and a half years and Sanjiv Kumar, who left as Group CIO of Adhunik Group after more than five years to join a start-up, ApON India.

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