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omluvit se


pyytää anteeksipuolustella

ispričatiispričati se


biîjast afsökunar



atsiprašantisatsiprašinėjantatsiprašymasatsiprašytireiškiantis atsiprašymą


opravičiti se

be om ursäkt


xin lỗi

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[əˈpɒlədʒaɪz] vis’excuser
I apologize → Je vous prie de m’excuser.
to apologize to sb → s’excuser auprès de qn
to apologize for sth → s’excuser de qch
He apologized for being late → Il s’est excusé de son retard.
to apologize for sth to sb, to apologize to sb for sth → s’excuser de qch auprès de qn, présenter des excuses à qn pour qch

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[əˈpɒlədʒaɪz] vi to apologize (to sb for sth)scusarsi (con qn per or di qc), chiedere scusa (a qn per or di qc)
they apologized for being late → si sono scusati per il ritardo
there’s no need to apologize → non è il caso di scusarsi

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(əˈpolədʒaiz) verbaˌpoloˈgetic (-ˈdʒetik) adjective

showing regret or saying one is sorry for having done something wrong etc. an apologetic letter.

aˌpoloˈgetically adverb

aˈpologyplural aˈpologies noun

Please accept my apology for not arriving on time; He made his apologies for not attending the meeting.

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يَعْتَذِرُ omluvit se undskylde entschuldigen (sich) ζητώ συγγνώμη disculparse pyytää anteeksi s’excuser ispričati se scusarsi 謝る 사과하다 verontschuldigen (zich) be om unnskyldning przeprosić pedir desculpas извиняться be om ursäkt ขอโทษ özür dilemek xin lỗi 道歉

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