definition of amuck by The Free Dictionary

He had the strength of several men, and he ran amuck with it.
I want you to get word to the king that I am a magician myself — and the Supreme Grand High-yu-Muck- amuck and head of the tribe, at that; and I want him to be made to understand that I am just quietly arrang- ing a little calamity here that will make the fur fly in these realms if Sir Kay’s project is carried out and any harm comes to me.
So it was with the CASSANDRA, as brought us all safe home from Malabar, after England took the viceroy of the Indies; so it was with the old WALRUS, Flint’s old ship, as I’ve seen amuck with the red blood and fit to sink with gold.”
She had been told that, rough and brutal as they seemed just then, they were not like this all the year round, but were, in fact, quite civil persons save during certain weeks of autumn and winter, when, like the inhabitants of the Malay Peninsula, they ran amuck, and made it their purpose to destroy life–in this case harmless feathered creatures, brought into being by artificial means solely to gratify these propensities–at once so unmannerly and so unchivalrous towards their weaker fellows in Nature’s teeming family.
I saw a Russian correspondent, a strong brutal-looking man, go off into hysterics; I saw another run amuck through the camp, shooting right and left, and, finally, blow his own brains out.
In politics the party that prevents the Government from running amuck by hamstringing it.
One night at a resort called Cedar Point, he got into a fight and ran amuck like a wild thing.

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