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list of things to do; items to cover in a meeting: All of the proposals are on the agenda.

Not to be confused with:

addenda – something added: Please check the addenda to the agenda.

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n. pl. a·gen·das

1. A list of things to be discussed in a meeting.


a. A program of things to be done or considered: “King’s broadening of the civil rights agenda to include issues of class, income, and employment” (James Carroll).

b. Informal A usually unstated underlying motive: “Everyone has an agenda, whether he or she is honest about it or not” (Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger).

3. A datebook: bought a leather-bound agenda.

[From Latin, pl. of agendum, neuter gerundive of agere, to do; see agendum.]

Usage Note: The term agendum has largely been supplanted by its Latin plural agenda, which is treated as a singular noun and denotes a list or program of numerous things, as in The agenda for the meeting has not yet been set. In this use, the plural of agenda is agendas.

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1. (functioning as singular) Also called: agendum a schedule or list of items to be attended to

2. (functioning as plural) Also called: agendas or agendums matters to be attended to, as at a meeting of a committee

[C17: Latin, literally: things to be done, from agere to do]

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(əˈdʒɛn də)

n. formally a pl. of agendum, but usu. used as a sing. with pl. -das or -da.

a list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon, etc.

[1745–55; < Latin, pl. of agendum that which is to be done, ger. of agere to do]

usage: agenda, “things to be done,” originally the plural of the Latin gerund agendum, is now treated as a singular noun; the plural is usu. agendas: The agenda is being printed. The agendas of last year’s meetings are missing. The singular agendum, while standard, is infrequent.

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things to be done or a list of those things, as a list of the matters to be discussed at a meeting.

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