Death knell – definition of death knell by The Free Dictionary

Its recurrence was regular, but as slow as the tolling of a death knell. He awaited each new stroke with impatience and — he knew not why — apprehension.
When the spectral procession approached the altar, each couple separated, and slowly diverged, till, in the centre, appeared a form, that had been worthily ushered in with all this gloomy pomp, the death knell, and the funeral.
Instead of focusing on manufacturing, we have turned to trading and real estate business, causing deindustrialisation which is a death knell for any economy.
Last night’s defeat shamed the Tories and rang the death knell for her futile attempt to wring further concessions from Brussels.
While its senior officials claim the Supreme Court-dissolution of their party is a ‘death knell for democracy’ in Cambodia, Council of Ministers spokesman Phay Siphan on Sunday hailed it as a’victory for democracy’.
The MPs – and the Examiner – want her to urgently review the controversial decisions taken by the primary care trust boards in Huddersfield, which sounded the death knell for services such as maternity and gynaecology in this town and the Examiner plans to be there with the MPs in the heart of Westminster, armed with the backing of thousands of our readers.
Mr Hutton’s comment raised expectations that he would sound the death knell for the agency and start the process of creating a replacement when he makes a statement on its future to the House of Commons today.
The death knell is close to being sounded for a school which so many people want to save.
Greg rusedski arrived in the city of his birth this weekend hoping today’s ATP hearing would not sound the death knell for his career.
Let’s hope their demise helps sound the death knell for vacuous celebrity culture.
A SURVEY of swimmers and leisure centre users could signal the death knell for a town’s historic Victorian swimming baths.
Peter Ebdon’s moronic yelling and screaming at the Crucible this week was the death knell for a sport which has been flushed into the gutter.

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