Class Of – How is Class Of abbreviated?

Honors, Alex Garceau, Class of 2013, Andrew Garrigan, Class of 2013, Aldwyn Montaque, Class of 2013, Michael Pauplis, Class of 2013, Patrick Fenton, Class of 2014, Miles Gray, Class of 2014, Devin Gulliver, Class of 2014, Melissa Wheeler, Class of 2014, Evan Donaldson, Class of 2015, Stephanie Garceau, Class of 2016, and Rachael Sweet, Class of 2016, all of Sterling
The picture I hope to conjure is of a class of seventeen undergraduates, energetically and imaginatively interpreting a painting such as Grunewald’s Crucifixion, Gossaert’s Deposition or Masaccio’s Trinity, using information learned from art-historians, historians of religious life and theologians.
The Alumax board consisted in 1974 of 10 voting and 2 nonvoting members, with 5 of the directors being elected by the Amax Group and 5 of the directors being elected by Mitsui; the board was subsequently changed to 12 voting members, with half being elected by the holders of each class of stock.
Under the proposed regulations, an S corporation has one class of stock if all outstanding shares confer identical distribution and liquidation proceed rights.
High honors went to: Ryan Frawley, Class of 2012, of Lancaster; and Katelyn Day, Class of 2012, James Rugg Jr, Class of 2012, Kerryn Wiesman, Class of 2012, Rebecca Finizio, Class of 2013,Michael LaRosee, Class of 2013, Shannon Caira, Class of 2014, Jacob Dube, Class of 2014, Miles Gray, Class of 2014, Joseph Isble, Class of 2014, Adam Jakubowski, Class of 2015, and Rebecca Parker, Class of 2015, all of Sterling.
Importantly, Wiese reminds us that the suburban cliche itself has served to structure racially-biased market opportunity, as “the idea of suburbs as white and middle- or upper-class space, places where a ‘better’ class of people lived, played an important part in sustaining the spatial advantages that adhere to these places still” (p.
Although this is manageable with a class of 32 students, the time required might be too costly with larger classes or when the quizzes are given more than once per week.
Baltzell’s idea is that the Protestant Establishment could have saved itself by taking in the better class of ethnics.
Although this study was conducted on one class of students the conclusions seem to support the findings of earlier studies in regards to GPA and attendance.
Quantitatively, the example could be read to provide a safe harbor for determining when a class of stock will be treated as participating in corporate growth to a significant extent.
The class of clerks and professionals was still small.
It was with very similar objectives in mind that the strategy was adjusted for another third-year-level class of 30 students.

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