Borrower financial definition of borrower

With a flat rate, borrowers pay a fixed rate of interest for the duration of the loan.
Equally detrimental to the lender is the diversion of the collateral or its proceeds by the borrower. Non-recourse provisions, therefore, have long included standard exceptions for the misapplication of insurance or expropriation proceeds, misappropriation of tenant security deposits or prepaid rents, removal or disposition of personal property or fixtures constituting the collateral from the mortgaged property, and the diversion of rents or other income of the property.
In addition to the fees charged to a borrower by the financial institution, borrower‘s counsel will charge a substantial fee to prepare a legal opinion.
WASHINGTON — For the first time, family size would be considered when determining whether to grant economic hardship deferments to student borrowers.
Of course, the second-lien lenders will not bear the costs of this professional help, so it will fall to the borrower. For borrowers, this means they need to understand that if the administrative agent cannot represent the second-lien lenders, the borrower should help the lenders organize themselves to find a representative in the negotiations.
Despite these incentives, 7.2 million borrowers with federally managed loans are currently in default, while another 3.3 million are delinquent.
There is no substitute for direct access to a cost calculator by the individual borrower.
As discussed, lenders perform significant due diligence on both the borrower and property before issuing an approval and before quoting rates and terms.
First, it reflects long-standing differences in earnings levels across borrowers from different institutions; even in 2000, a borrower from a 4-year selective school earned roughly 66 percent more than a borrower from a for-profit school.
Quality commercial borrower customer service must begin when the loan is closed and continues until the loan is paid off.
Melas called on the CBC to take immediate measures for the code’s implementation, and announced the creation of a team of financial consultants that will “see borrowers at no charge, advising them of the type of restructuring they are truly entitled to, and inform them of banks’ obligations, as well as the actions required to safeguard their own rights.

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