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فَخُّ، شَركٌمَصْيَدَه للُغَفَّلين

nástrahanastražená výbušnina/bomba


érintésre robbanó bombapokolgép

nástrahanástražný systém

gizli tuzaktuzak bomba

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(ˈbuːbi) plural ˈboobies noun

1. a stupid person.
2. (slang) a woman’s breast.

booby prize

a prize for the lowest score etc. John came last and got the booby prize.

ˈbooby trap noun

1. a bomb hidden in an object which explodes when it is touched.
2. a simple trap that makes you fall or makes something fall on you etc.

booby-trappast tense, past participle booby-trapped verb

to put a booby trap in an object. Don’t touch that! It may be booby-trapped.

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