Beat to death – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

His friend nodded again, with a cunning look which seemed to hint that Mr Brass held stronger opinions on the subject than his sister; and seeming to recollect herself, added imploringly, ‘But don’t you ever tell upon me, or I shall be beat to death.’
Marimba Sacco touts, who allegedly beat to death a motorist in Githurai, Zimmerman in December, have been charged with murder.
Palestinian security in Nablus city beat to death a detained Palestinian accused of killing two policemen in the city- official
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised on Sunday to fight what he termed domestic terrorism after authorities said young thugs beat to death a man who was strolling along a Mediterranean beach with his family.
Kerr refrains from eating pork and shellfish, does not eat meat and have dairy products in the same meal, does not wear mixed fabrics (no polyester and cotton), keeps his wife (if he has one) silent and at the back of the church, feels free to beat to death his children (if he has any) if they are disobedient, is kind to his slaves (if he has any) and stones persons of a religious conviction other than his own if he thinks God disagrees with them.
The verdict by a jury of nine women and three men represented a middle ground between prosecution claims that Junta lost control and brutally beat to death a mostly unresisting Costin and the defence position that Junta was a gentle giant who was only defending himself from attacks by an enraged Costin.

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