Bats an eye – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

She said that after plundering the national taxpayer’s money, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Jahangir Tareen had now been given a free hand to plunder the hard-earned land of the farmers by the ‘monarch’ Imran Khan in the worse exhibition of blatant contempt of court.She said that Aleema Khan, sister of the premier, woke up with billions in her account, but no one in the NAB bats an eye.
Julia’s estrangement from her father left her so hurt that she barely bats an eye at his death.
But should the blunder be restricted to the Middle East, no one bats an eye and it’s business as usual.
Same-sex couples and families walk the streets and no one bats an eye. The city’s bars and nightclubs, attracting the most popular European DJ’s, teem with partygoers.
She also reveals how if conditions get too much for the volunteers, noone bats an eye if they take time off from the endless battle.
It was -35 (add another 10-15 degrees for wind chill) here in Calgary last week for 5-6 days and no one bats an eye lid, schools still open, even saw one guy out jogging.
While no one bats an eye at interracial couplings today, fifty years ago it was much different.
THE CLASSROOM MIGHT BE VISITED by short green aliens or sword-wielding samurai that sometimes float above the action, but no one bats an eye. What sounds like a science fiction nightmare is actually an English Composition class at Ball State University (Ind.), but with a twist.
And they’ve stayed together, unlike Newt Gingrich, who divorces his wife on her deathbed and no one bats an eye. Comparably, the divorce rate of conservative Republicans is extremely high.
“Nobody here really bats an eye when you’re calling their names on the street.
Even with lunch skittering about the cage, Jumpy barely bats an eye. Eventually the cricket crawls by his mouth and is eaten.
It hasn’t been necessary for some time now to show the product for advertising to “work,” and no one bats an eye when they see celebrities hawking items they have apparently little connection to.
Even though security analysts and ‘ethical hackers’ highlight such flaws, no one bats an eye.

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