Balance Due financial definition of Balance Due

Music and games retailer HMV has said that its full-year outcome is hanging in the balance due to the Christmas trading period being marred by snow.
My office has a “‘sliding scale” based on the size of the balance due, ranging from writing off the smallest balances to deciding the fate of the largest on a case-by-case basis.
alleging that within the past year it sold supplies and materials to the defendants on an open account that has an unpaid balance due. Plaintiff asks for payment of $4.501.29 plus interest at 12 percent from either the Housers or the bonding company, plus reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.
The fate of the biggest cricket tournament hangs in the balance due to the current tensions between India and Pakistan following the November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.
There are essentially two types of liens in Alabama: 1) The “unpaid balance” lien in which a contractor or person furnishing material may file a lien for the unpaid balance due the contractor by the owner; and 2) the “full price” lien in favor of those in direct contact with the owner and–in some cases, materialmen.
Stability is delivered by a low center of gravity due to heavy components being mounted lower in the frame than in competitive machines; a long wheelbase that provides smoother ride with less fore-to-aft rocking; optimal balance due to 60/40 weight distribution on the front and rear axles; and larger tires.
In the case of a short sale transaction, the agent or broker not only lists, markets and sells the home, but the broker also negotiates directly with the lender or loan service to settle the mortgage payoff at a discount of the balance due on the note.
purchased Olympic Pool Accessories for $1.9 million, with $1.5 million in cash at the closing and the balance due by June 2006.
The following year he recorded ‘the balance due for nay purchases at Boynton: 166-10-0 [pounds sterling]’.
Taxpayers who choose to use amnesty must make full and prompt payment of any qualifying balance due during the amnesty period.
However, implementation is expected to focus on taxpayers who (1) have filed a return showing a balance due, but failed to pay it in full, and (2) have been assessed additional tax by the IRS and have made several voluntary payments toward satisfying their obligation, but have not paid in full.
For example, if the school needs to inform a student that her balance due is more than, say, $100, and she won’t be able to participate in the online dorm-room selection until she reduces the balance, a message is simply sent electronically directly to the student.

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