baked – definition of half-baked by The Free Dictionary

Erstwhile worth-while fun and stunts seemed no longer worth while; and it was a torment to listen to the insipidities and stupidities of women, to the pompous, arrogant sayings of the little half-baked men.
He believed in sudden conversion, a belief which may be right, but which is peculiarly attractive to a half-baked mind.
– some childish notions, a few half-baked sentiments, a lot of undigested beauty, a great black mass of ignorance, a heart filled to bursting with love, and an ambition as big as your love and as futile as your ignorance.
“‘An’ then,” continued Horse Egan, for the peppery Major’s peculiarities of speech and manner were as well known as his tanned face; “‘an’ then, ye dissolute, half-baked, putty-faced scum o’ Connemara, if I find a man so much as lookin’ confused, begad, I’ll coort-martial the whole company.
It was most discomforting, because it reminded me of love; and I knew that I never could love this half-baked little barbarian.
She also described the proposed shift to federalism as ‘half-baked,’ adding that there is no assurance that proposed federal states will have the ‘capacity for governance’ and ‘financial autonomy.’
A council report outlining a projected bill of more than PS11 million for the introduction of a new household waste scheme has been described as “half-baked“.
While perusing through the board’s submissions, Kilimani Ward rep Moses Ogeto said the documents from the board were ‘half-baked and documents and lacked financial accounting details.
Noel Still with a shiny topping, but there’s nothing half-baked about Noel now
But we do object to him offering half-baked assessments about Britain and lying with his frequent contradictions.
It was recently announced that the company had completed its application with the United States patent and trademark office for the brand name Half-Baked through their corporate intellectual property law firm, Pinnacle IP Strategies.
She was the one who wanted to change that Prince Harry on his mother Bravo, Prue – you great big flapjack of half-baked folly.

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