aggrandisement – definition of self-aggrandisement by The Free Dictionary

The great capitalists devouring the little capitalists, concentrating the power and the tools of production in great masses, perfecting industrial processes, and in the madness of self-aggrandisement only preparing, organising, enriching, making ready the lawful inheritance of the suffering proletariat.
He regretted that despite the efforts by the entire community ‘to ensure full integration, some egocentric individuals for their own selfish gains and self-aggrandisement have been making spurious, strange and bizarre stories which are all falsehood in the attempt to rewrite and change our history to suit their evil plans.
Most religions reject self-aggrandisement and warn humanity against over-involvement in material pursuits.
The former deputy minister of agro-based and agriculture industry warned MPs against the syok sendiri (self-aggrandisement) culture, where instead of representing the young, they represent their own interests.
‘Snolly-goster’ is used to describe a politician who is unprincipled and engages in politics of self-aggrandisement rather than serving national interests.
These ‘objects of admiration’ not only gratify their need for self-aggrandisement by feeding their oversized ego.
That Pakistan is fighting US wars, that Pakistan must not be part of any western/US war in which the US focused on its goals of global hegemony and self-aggrandisement kills people in our region, that the toll on Pakistan of the US wars is astronomical compared to any monetary or other compensation America has given Pakistan in the guise of being its ally, and that no US war in Afghanistan should have ever been brought to Pakistan.
The media claims to be governed by righteousness and equity yet like other state instantiations greed and self-aggrandisement has poisoned its virtues.
class=”MsoNormalIf his past and present record is anything to go by, Prof Kibwana is just the sort of leader Kenya needs a humble idealist but visionary and pragmatic, focussed on service rather than self-aggrandisement. class=”MsoNormalIf he is the leader who can pull Kenya from the morass of dangerous ethnic competition and fashion a modern, united, prosperous, progressive nation where we all feel a sense of ownership, he has my vote.
It is simply the political machinations of a man set on a path of self-aggrandisement and with a very unhealthy lust for power.PATRICK LIM
In Monday’s joint appearance with Putin, and in his peripatetic retellings of Helsinki in the days since, Trump animated his usual self-aggrandisement with a lights-and-sirens display of self-defence.
He has no right to use the referendum result as an excuse for self-aggrandisement.

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