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Helmand [Afghanistan], May 25 ( ANI ): A ground-based rocket artillery was carried out against Taliban leaders in Musa Qala district in Helmand, Task Force-Southwest, under US Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A) authorities confirmed on Thursday.
“We confirm local security personnel aligned with Afghan Government forces were killed in an airstrike in Greshk district in Helmand province late this afternoon,” a statement by USFOR-A said, Khaama press reported.
Because USFOR-A and CJTF-OIR required more funding than they anticipated, both commands continually petitioned U.S.
USFOR-A‘s creation of the Operational Contract Support Drawdown Cell in August 2012 greatly enabled the responsible management of contractor personnel and equipment in the Combined Joint Operations Area–Afghanistan.
Although the NRC does not have jurisdiction, the MVACIS sources are managed by an Army Radiation Authorization given to USFOR-A by CECOM.
This fosters an ability to capture requirements, provide in-transit visibility, and redistribute materiel identified by the USFOR-A J-4’s and other ISAF commanders’ pri-Drities while continuing to provide effective sustainment to current and planned operations.
In retrospect, Transport as a service would have solved the issues of migrating the Air Force users at Kandahar onto the USFOR-A network (an Army network).
In May 2011, the 9 AETF-A commander assumed the additional title of deputy commander for air, USFOR-A, and later was incorporated into the ISAF chain of command as the deputy chief of staff for air under the IJC.
Starting as a Contingency Contracting officer at the New Kabul Compound, Kabul, Afghanistan, and eventually fleeting up to the Director of Operations, he is the command’s link to the USFOR-A warfighters when it comes to integrated planning and future operations.
A member of the Afghan Local Police turned his weapon against two USFOR-A service members.
Afghanistan (USFOR-A) on July 4, 2010 after serving for over 20 months as Commander of the United States Central Command.
The USFOR-A Resource Management Directorate (J8) also supports the Afghan First Policy through its Publication 1-06, “Money As A Weapons System-Afghanistan,” last updated January 2010.

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